All Write Week is ON!

Anne Leckie read from her novel Ancillary Justice with student Ben Killeen opening with a reading from his novel.  Can we top that?

Ms. Keane’s t-shirt design is fabulous.  Even Ms. Holcomb wants one — and I’ve never seen her wear cotton polyester blends.  On sale outside the Little Theater.  Long sleeve.  $15.

Titles can be purchased at The Book House

Because we’re a public school, we can’t sell books as part of AllWrite.  However, The Book House, formerly of Rock Hill and now on Manchester Road in Maplewood, has graciously agreed to stock the books of as many of our writers as possible.

You can purchase a book beforehand, read it in preparation for the presentation, and perhaps even get it signed by the author during AllWrite.

Or, perhaps, you go to a presentation and become intrigued by a novel.  The Book House will have it readily available for you to run over and buy.

We will also have copies of some of the titles available in our school library.